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  • 2024.05.27

    [Attorney Kotaro Tanabe]
    “Legal knowledge that people in charge need to know when doing business with VTubers - Compactly covers essential knowledge and points of response for everyone from those who want to request a case to VTubers to those who want to run a VTuber business.”
    [Friday, July 2024, 7 12:10-00:12]

    Attorney Kotaro TanabeHe will be a lecturer at the seminar "Legal knowledge that people in charge of doing business with VTubers should know - A compact summary of essential knowledge and key points for those who want to request projects from VTubers and those who want to run a VTuber business" hosted by the Financial and Financial Research Association.

    [Date and time]Friday, July 2024, 7 12:10-00:12
    [Tuition fee]27,000 yen (23,000 yen for the second person and above) (including consumption tax and reference materials)
    【venue】Greenhill Building Seminar Room(1-10-8 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) / LIVE streaming (Zoom)

    VTubers are unique beings who seem to combine the charm of characters from anime and manga with that of celebrities.
    Combined with the rise in demand for people to stay at home since around 2020, they have recently been active in a variety of scenes, including television, radio, music, events, live shows, and social media, garnering attention from people.
    As a result, not only are there more people starting VTuber businesses as new businesses, but also more people marketing their own products and services through collaborations with VTubers, and I believe that business opportunities with VTubers will continue to increase.
    You may think, "Since my company is the one entrusting projects to VTubers, the VTubers should be the ones to consider the legal issues surrounding them." In fact, by learning about VTuber legal affairs, you can see the points you should check when requesting a project from a VTuber.
    This seminar will focus on VTubers and provide a clear explanation using concrete examples of the legal matters you need to know and be aware of when doing business with VTubers.

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