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    NOSE Kengo

    NOSE Kengo

    Kengo Nose

    TEL: 03-6868-3050
    FAX: 03-6747-6862
    Daini Tokyo Bar Association
    Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association


    We specialize in dispute resolution related to intellectual property and contract law to facilitate smooth business operations. We also welcome consultations regarding international transactions.

    Education / Work

    • 2015 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Osaka University
    • 2017 Completed Hitotsubashi University Law School
    • 2019 Yuasa Hara Law and Patent Firm
    • 2019- Joined Mimura Komatsu Law Office
    • 2024- Secretary to a member of the House of Representatives (concurrent position)

    Affiliation/position, etc.

    • First Public Secretary to Toshiko Abe, Member of the House of Representatives
    • International Humanitarian Platform General Incorporated Association executive director
    • Member of the Japan Political Federation of Bar Associations
    • Member of Intellectual Property Lawyers Network
    • Japan Society for Bioethics Regular member
    • Member of the Japan Bioindustry Association
    • Citizen committee member of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) project "Research and development on the utilization of samples and information and the promotion of PPI for a society promoting genomic medicine and research"
    • Arts & Law Members

    Project record

    • Copyright lawsuit against JASRAC by music schools nationwide
    • Design infringement lawsuit regarding imitation of house design
    • Japan's first copyright infringement case through intellectual property mediation
    • Lawsuit seeking damages for termination of continuing contract by fashion and apparel company
    • Lawsuit by fraud victim against financial institution for return of deposit
    • Representation and contract law for domestic and international contemporary art galleries
    • Advising artists on international gallery affiliations


    • “Annual Report on Intellectual Property Law 2019-2020” (co-editor) Nippon Hyoronsha
    • “Annual Report on Intellectual Property Law 2020-2021” (co-editor) Nippon Hyoronsha
    • "The mechanism of transactions surrounding NFT art, legal relations, and potential uses" (Vol. 2022 and 5) Business Legal Affairs, May and June 6 issues