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    NAKAUCHI Yasuhiro

    Yasuhiro NAKAUCHI

    Yasuhiro Nakauchi

    TEL: 03-6868-3050
    FAX: 03-6747-6862
    Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
    Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
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    Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding contract drafting, trademark applications, and infringement of rights!

    Education / Work

    • 2010 Graduated from Fukuoka Prefectural Fukuoka High School
    • Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law in 2015
    • 2017 Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Law School
    • 2018-2020 Anderson, Mori & Tomotsune
    • 2021 Graduated from Vantan Design Institute Career College Fashion Design and Pattern Sewing Course
    • 2021 Joined Mimura and Komatsu Law Office
    • April 2022 to June 4: Legal Researcher, Trademark System Planning Office, Trademark Division, Japan Patent Office (Term-appointed public servant)

    Affiliation/position, etc.

    • Fashion Law Institute Japan
    • Bunka Fashion College Part-time lecturer
    • Intellectual Property Management Skills Examination Examination Committee Member
    • Mentor at Idetachi Tokyo (Arakawa Ward)

    Project record

    • Corporate legal matters such as fundraising (investment contracts, shareholder agreements, etc.), share transfers, and reorganizations (company splits, etc.)
    • Patent infringement lawsuits, copyright infringement lawsuits, trademark infringement lawsuits
    • Contract law related to fashion brands, counterfeit goods, etc.
    • Contract law related to architectural and product design
    • Trademark applications (fashion brands, IT/startups, food/restaurants, etc.)


    • “Annual Report on Intellectual Property Law 2020-2021” (co-editor) Nippon Hyoronsha
    • “Annual Report on Intellectual Property Law 2021-2022” (co-editor) Nippon Hyoronsha
    • “Annual Report on Intellectual Property Law 2022-2023” (co-editor) Nippon Hyoronsha
    • “Annual Report on Intellectual Property Law 2023-2024” (co-editor) Nippon Hyoronsha