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    MIYAZAWA Masashi

    MIYAZAWA Masashi

    Masashi Miyazawa

    TEL: 03-6868-3050
    FAX: 03-6747-6862
    Tokyo Bar Association
    Tokyo Bar Association


    I have gained a lot of practical experience in the fields of litigation, disputes and bankruptcy. I aim to resolve disputes in line with your business decisions by providing objective situation analysis and outlook backed by solid experience, so that business managers can take appropriate risks and achieve the best possible results.

    Education / Work

    • 2012 Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Sociology
    • 2015 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University (now Tokyo Metropolitan University) Law School
    • 2016: Registered with the Tokyo Bar Association
    • 2016-2022 Toranomon Law Office
    • 2022 Mimura and Komatsu Law Office

    Affiliation/position, etc.

    • Tokyo Bar Association Legal Training Committee (2022-)
    • Lecturer at Tokyo Dance, Acting & Performing Arts College (2023-)

    Project record

    • Copyright infringement lawsuit regarding publishing contract (injunction and damages)
    • Patent infringement litigation (chemical, etc.)
    • Litigation to confirm status of employment contracts (case involving dismissal due to the expiration of the trial period of a fixed-term employment contract, in which the High Court overturned the case and the employer obtained a ruling that the dismissal was valid)
    • Lawsuits and provisional dispositions requesting disclosure of caller information
    • System development-related damages lawsuit
    • Contract negotiations and dispute resolution involving bankruptcy and M&A
    • Various inheritance disputes


    • "Copyright Q&A for Websites by Content (2022nd Edition)" (co-author), Chuo Keizaisha, XNUMX
    • Q&A: Quotation and Reproduction Practice and Copyright Law (5th Edition) (co-author), Chuo Keizaisha, 2021