Language switching

  • Education / Work

    • 2008 Graduated from Doshisha University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law
    • 2009 Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Law Office Litigation Group
    • 2016 Graduated from Fordham University school of Law (New York)
    • 2019 Established Mimura Komatsu Law Office

    Affiliation/position, etc.

    • Co-representative of Intuition Co., Ltd.
    • TYPICA Holdings CLO Co., Ltd.
    • CFCL CLO Co., Ltd.
    • Kanako Sakai CLO Co., Ltd.
    • Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Cosmo Root Co., Ltd.
    • Director, Cultural Industry Promotion Association
    • Auditor, Japan CTO Association
    • Auditor, Sezon Museum of Contemporary Art, General Incorporated Association
    • Advisor to Contemporary Art Dealers Association (CADAN)
    • Shinshu University Specially Appointed Lecturer
    • Bunka Fashion College Part-time lecturer


    • Startup legal advice