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    HAYATA Naoki

    HAYATA Naoki

    HAYATA Naoki

    TEL: 03-6868-3050
    FAX: 03-6747-6862
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    Daini Tokyo Bar Association
    Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association


    Education / Work

    • 1990 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
    • 1993: Appointed as judge
    • 1993-2012: Served as a judge at the Tokyo District Court, Tokyo High Court, and Intellectual Property High Court, as well as chief of the First Division of the Administrative Affairs Bureau of the Supreme Court Secretariat.
    • 1998-1999 Overseas research at the Superior Court of New Jersey, etc.
    • 2012- Off-counsel at Sakai, Mimura & Aizawa Law Office (Foreign Law Joint Enterprise)
    • 2015-2023 Special Counsel, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
    • October 2023: Joined Mimura and Komatsu Law Office as a partner

    Affiliation/position, etc.

    • 17 (former) Bar Examination Committee Member (Constitution)
    • 18 New Bar Examination Examiner (Constitution)
    • 19 New Bar Examination Examiner (Administrative Law)
    • 20 New Bar Examination Examiner (Administrative Law)


    • Series: IP Legal Affairs Q&A (No. 48) "About the so-called FRAND defense" / Monthly IP Prism June 2021 issue (Vol. 6 No. 19)
    • Collection of essays in commemoration of Professor Eiji Katayama's 70th birthday: New trends in business law - the latest trends in intellectual property law and bankruptcy law / Seirin Shoin
    • Judge explains important points in civil court practice [Defamation and Privacy Invasion] / Dai-Ichi Hoki Co., Ltd.
    • IP Legal Affairs Q&A (18th) "Framework for determining the support requirement (Article 36, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Patent Law) in court cases" / IP Prism December Issue (Vol. 12 No. 17) 
    • Latest Judicial Practice Series Volume 8: Labor-Related Litigation II / Seirin Shoin
    • Labor-Related Litigation Practice (2nd Edition) / Commercial Law
    • IP Legal Affairs Q&A (Part 1) "The 'Effect' of an Invention and Inventive Step (Patent Law Article 29, Paragraph 2)" / IP Prism July Issue (VOL.7 No.15)
    • Q&A: When companies with different labor practices merge, how should the new company handle those practices? / Labor Administration Times No. 3909 May 2016, 5 issue
    • Shogi: Seeing the situation objectively and reading the thoughts and feelings of others / Asahi Shimbun (website)
    • Issues and prospects for real estate leasing / Commercial law
    • Labor-related litigation practice/commercial law
    • Current status of case handling by the Labor Division of the Tokyo District Court / NBL (No. 952)
    • Intellectual Property Law Theory and Practice 2/Shinnihonhoki
    • Civil Procedure Law Cases 169 Selections (XNUMXrd Edition) / Jurist Cases Special Edition No. XNUMX
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