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    Miori Hasegawa

    TEL: 03-6868-3050
    FAX: 03-6747-6862
    Daini Tokyo Bar Association
    Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association
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    Nowadays, the environment and technology related to entertainment are changing at a dizzying pace, and I think that various problems will arise. By leveraging our experience in companies in the entertainment industry, we will work hard to make your wishes come true by presenting the best method for those who consult with us.

    Education / Work

    • 2015 Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law
    • 2017 Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Law and Politics, Major in Legal Training
    • 2020 Sato Sogo Law Office
    • 2021 HJ Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • 2024 Joined Mimura Komatsu Law Office

    Affiliation/position, etc.

    • Secretary General of the Japan In-House Lawyers Association, Division 3 (IT, Entertainment, and Communications)