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  • Confirmation of the client's identity

    Based on the Japan Federation of Bar Associations' ``Regulations Concerning Client Identity Verification and Record Retention, etc.,'' lawyers are required to verify the client's identity when taking on certain new cases. Please refer to "About confirming the identity of the requester" below.
    Concerning client identity confirmation (Japan Federation of Bar Associations)

    At our office, we handle the identity verification of individual and corporate clients as follows.

    In the case of a request from an individual client

    We will confirm your name, address, and date of birth by submitting official documents (driver's license, passport, pension book, alien registration card, etc.).

    In the case of a request from a corporate client

    We will confirm the name of the corporation and the location of the head office (or location of the main office) by submitting official documents (registration certificate, seal registration certificate, etc.), as well as the name and position of the person in charge. We will confirm this with your business card, etc.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.