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  • Legal Fees and Advisory Contract

    Initial Consultation Fee

    30 minutes 13,750yen~
    60 minutes 27,500yen~

    *Fees may vary depending on the lawyer in charge.
    For subsequent consultations, the fee will be based on the hourly rate of each lawyer in charge.

    Legal Fees

    Our firm uses a "time charge system" to calculate attorney's fees. We will add up the hours worked for consultations, legal work, litigation, etc., and charge you the amount calculated by multiplying the total working hours by each lawyer's hourly rate.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are able to flexibly consider the remuneration system depending on the client's needs.

    Reference fee amount

    • ・Contract review: 5 yen to 10 yen (1.5 to 3 hours of work)
    • ・Contract creation: 12 yen to 18 yen (4 to 6 hours work)
    • ・Create terms of use: 10 yen to 30 yen (3 to 10 hours of work)
    • ・Consultation on contract details: 5,000 yen to 5 yen (10 minutes to 1 hour work)

    *Additional charges may apply for urgent requests.

    Advisory Contract

    Our firm offers several plans for advisory contracts.
    We apply discounts according to the amount of the plan.

    Minimum plan Standard plan Premium plan telephone plan
    Monthly amount<br> ¥55,000 ¥110,000 ¥220,000 ¥27,500
    discount 10% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF None

    Reference example/1 month
    (No excess)
    1-2 hours worth of work

    1 legal consultation
    Contract 1 Review
    2-5 hours worth of work

    2 legal consultation
    Contract 2 Review
    Create one contract
    5-13 hours worth of work

    5 legal consultation
    Contract 5 Review
    Create one contract
    0.5-1 hours worth of work

    contract details over the phone
    Consultation only
    *No contract review

    *Other advisor benefits

    • ・We will respond to your case with priority.
    • ・There is no additional charge for urgent response.
    • ・With plans above standard, our firm can be listed on the official website of the client.


    • ・The monthly price includes a time charge corresponding to the monthly amount, but additional work costs will be charged for any excess amount.
    • ・Consulting fees will be charged even in months when there are no consultations.
    • -Discounts are not applicable to litigation matters.
    • ・The contract period starts from one year.
    • ・The advisory system may differ depending on the lawyer in charge.