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  • Tips you should know when using photos on SNS vol.1

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  • Many people use social media such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest on a daily basis.
    Taking a screenshot of a cute photo you happen to come across and posting it, or setting a photo of your favorite person's face as your icon...actually, these actions might be illegal!

    Here, we will provide you with some tips you should know when using photos on social media in a Q&A format.
    *Responses will vary depending on individual circumstances, so if you suspect or have already run into trouble, please consult an expert immediately.

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    Q. I found a photo I like on Pinterest. Can I take a screenshot and post it?

    A: No.

    Taking screenshots or downloading photos or illustrations taken or created by others without permission and posting them from your own account is a copyright infringement, except in exceptional cases such as when it constitutes "quotation" under copyright law. If you want to spread a photo posted by someone else, you can paste the URL of the post or use a function allowed by the SNS specifications (for example, quote retweet on Twitter, share on Instagram, etc.).
    In addition, you can still use so-called "public domain" materials whose copyright period has expired, so be sure to take advantage of them.

    Q. If I take a screenshot of the photo and tag the account properly, it will be fine, right?

    A: No.

    Taking screenshots or downloading and posting other people's photos without permission is copyright infringement, except in exceptional cases such as when it constitutes "quotation" under copyright law. Even if you properly tag and credit (such as the photographer's name), it is still copyright infringement. The same applies even if you do it for a positive purpose such as "wanting to promote" or "wanting to support" someone.
    If you want to promote or support a post, please paste the URL of the original post or use the functions provided by the SNS.

    Q. I'm using a picture of my favorite person as my icon. It's small, so is that okay?

    A: No.

    Using someone else's photo without permission is a copyright infringement. This applies even to small images such as icons. In some cases, it may be a violation of portrait rights. I often hear people say, "Everyone is doing it, so it's okay," but this may simply be because it hasn't been discovered yet. Please be careful.

    Q. Of course you can use any photos you have in them freely, right?

    A: No.

    Only the copyright holder of the photograph (usually the photographer) can freely use the photograph and let others use it. People in the photograph have "portrait rights," but this basically only allows them to say things like "don't make it public," and is different from "copyright," which allows them to use the photograph freely.
    In fact, in recent years, there have been many cases of overseas celebrities being sued by paparazzi for posting photos taken by them on Instagram without permission. If you want to use a photo of yourself, be sure to get permission from the photographer.

    That's all for now. I'll continue to share some important tips with you, sovol.2Please look forward to it.

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