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  • About us

    About us

    Peace of mind based on many years of trial practice.
    Innovation from the royal road.
    The courage to insist on victory.
    Trust backed by knowledge and experience.

    Our firm was founded by lawyers Ryoichi Mimura and Junya Komatsu, who had previously belonged to Nagashima, Ohno, and Tsunematsu, with the desire to create a firm that is strong in litigation. This is a law firm established by university professor Katsuya Tamai.

    After handling a huge number of cases as a judge and issuing many famous judgments, Ryoichi Mimura changed his career to a lawyer and has served as a litigator for many cases, mainly patent lawsuits and large-scale lawsuits. While working on a large number of litigation cases that transcend genres, from disputes between companies to jury trials, he also works as a "lawyer" rather than a "lawyer" in areas such as negotiation strategies in business settings, intellectual property strategies, policy proposals, and lobbying. ” Junya Komatsu has expanded his field of activities. As a professor at the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, he focuses on intellectual property law and administrative law, solving issues when implementing cutting-edge science and technology in society, and proposing legislative policies that should be adopted as a science and technology superpower. , Katsuya Tamai, who has served as a bridge between law and practice.

    By bringing together the three lawyers representing our firm, we are able to provide absolute security and trust backed by our experience, and based on this, we can provide innovative and bold legal solutions. Ta. Our firm has a team of very attractive lawyers who are just as talented as these three. Thank you for your continued support of Mimura Komatsu Law Office.

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