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  • The time has come
    to choose a lawyer by expertise.

    The time has come
    to choose a lawyer by expertise.

    Three Strengths of
    Mimura Komatsu Law Firm

    Intellectual property/

    We have several experts, including former judges of the Intellectual Property High Court, a professor at Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology the University of Tokyo, someone who has been seconded to the Patent Office, and lawyers with a background in the entertainment and creative industries.

    Our firm was established with the desire to create a firm that is strong in litigation, and our firm employs multiple lawyers and former judges who are experts in litigation and agree with that desire. We can handle a variety of cases, including large-scale litigation, intellectual property disputes, criminal cases, administrative cases, and inheritance disputes.

    The firm's lawyers specialize in international cases and are adept at supporting clients with global contracts and disputes. The firm also has a one-stop support system in cooperation with multiple overseas offices, and its advisors include former Judge Rader, who served as Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

    We have attorneys and other professionals
    with expertise in a variety of industries.

    We provide one-step-ahead problem-solving through our understanding of industry practices and terminology, and our extensive network of contacts.